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Solid State Drives


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If you were to buy an SSD, which and why?


Memory size - only need to install Windows 7 and a few programs.  My old, regular drive would be for games.  I want to hear people's opinions on brands so I don't buy a brick!


Thanks! :)

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I did a few builds personally and at work using SSD drives.

One thing I find myself wishing is that I got a larger SSD drive!


I spent the time to review newegg to find a decently reviewed SSD drive that had fast WRITE speeds. 

All SSDs are going to have fast read speeds, but WRITE is where it's at.


With that said, I would get at least a 240GB SSD.

You'll notice you'll be slowly installing new programs that you want to run fast and take advantage of the SSD's speed.



Your load times for games will be very fast compared to your old magnetic HDDs.


Brands, I've used Intel and GSkill with no issues.

I have bought Kingston SSD, but that was awhile ago when SSDs were new. Still works, but it's "slow" compared to newer SSDs.

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I have a 128GB SSD and I find that it does everything that I need it to.  I have my system set up so that only my OS is installed on my SSD and I have an additional terabyte drive that I use for my games and such.  My boot/system speeds have always very impressive, I actually have a hard time accessing my BIOS because it boots too quickly.  The drive is still fairly old as well, I bought it two years ago and it's still running just fine for me.  I'd suggest buying a newer model over my brand, the brand is Crucial btw.  It's mostly up to you on what you want to use it for, SSDs are pretty expensive for some of the 250GB+ ones.  

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If I were to buy an SSD I would go with a Samsung Pro. I am running a Samsung Evo and I put a Samsung Pro in killer's build. We both haven't had any problems. They are the top rated SSD's on Newegg and I have seen nothing but good reviews on youtube.


Really with SSD's they are the only way to go in my book.

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........ and I have seen nothing but good reviews on youtube.



Well if Youtube says its a winner... I say go for it!


I have been itching to get one myself, probably a present to myself on my next birthday :)



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I'm using a Crucial 128gb SSD and with Ubuntu as the os. It boots amazingly fast,  when I click "suspend", it's gone to sleep before I can drag my creaky old self out of my chair. On recovery from suspend, it's ready to resume before the lcd monitor has come up.  I do not have games installed on it though, as have it partitioned in case I decide I need anther operating system for those few programs that refuse to run in linux.

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Not at all. I wouldn't do it but some people do it every six months that I know.


That is bad, because the reason why SSD run so fast is due to parallel read. Say your SSD has 4 flash memory, if you save a 100MB data to your SSD, your data will break it up into multiple data package to save in multiple flash memory. This allows faster read time by accessing multiple flash memory when it tries to get the data. So really, this is like raid 0 by combing  multiple hard drive to increase speed.





If you defrag your SSD, essentially you are reading only from one flash memory. So instead of achieving 4 (or # of flash memory) times of speed, you are reducing that read time to 1.

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