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Ban Requests - Post Here


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Hi there

Please ban this guy for constant swearing on the server.

People told him to stop, didn't want to.  He did get kicked from the server, but in my opinion he deserves a ban.


Alex n.n - STEAM_1:1:48238139



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Hi Everyone, I just registered here but I have spent some time playing the server and I want you to answer me something

it is possible to be as good as Murderin Clony? I will tell you what I'm trying to say.


i just had entered this night to the server and i was dead so... I started to spect the survivors and i noticed something odd about this user

barreling through the trees, plants and he was killing SI, even I didn't saw them, sometimes the boomer exploded very close to him and he looks like not to be affected, a lot of head shoot and everything that made him look like a wall hack, so I started recording, too late to show everything he did, but I think we can see some tricks (or hack) that he have on this video.





sorry for this 30 fps video (fraps settings :puppy_dog_eyes: ) but like he moves (moving the mouse overly fast) is not video quality or the 30 fps. (i say this because before recording, my game with full settings he was doing the same thing.) if you want my pc specifications pm me :D


if they can see the use of hacks in the video I want you to take the action on it, if they see that everything is normal then I apologize in advance to the user, this is nothing personal, it is rather just a question.


i want to keep my steam ID and IGN anonymous, so the people can see it just don't say it please.


sorry for this testament, this is my way of being  :spin2:

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There are many players that are good on our servers.  I didn't see anything out of the ordinary for a good player, in that video.


However, please feel free to send demos in for anyone you suspect cheating.  A regular player/member was banned just last night for cheating.  Another member alerted me of someone cheating, I went in and watched him, we took some demos, he was obviously using a cheat and was banned. Thanks to the member for taking quick action.


You can post them here in this post, but I would suggest sending them to us through the report system (go to "member center" at top of page), or send them directly to me.   I will view it, will usually have other admins look at it, and will always get back to you directly on it.  It can be completely anonymous.  If it is a real obvious cheat (like the one last night), message me on steam friends list (or any L4D2 admin) for fast help.

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These 3 just sitting in the elevator for a good 5~10 minutes while the rest of the team struggles at the chokepoint.






Their names:




I am certain about Scotty and 3_ rushing but I'm not sure if it was AXLWolf or NEB. (This screenshot was taken after they'd managed to get past the choke, and one of the two had made it to the elevator)

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Took care of Scotty.  But no definite proof of the other two so no action taken.  Does look like the other two could be the Francises based on the shadow outline but this contradicts OP.

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I think it was both NEB and AXLWolf. But from the image, I see 3.


I think NEB might have came back to help the team. I don't know about Wolf tho. I remember hearing NEB complain about the no rushing policy in the server, and even "threatened" to never come back to the server because of this rule. But he ended up changing his mind because the server is JUST THAT FUN.


I also remember seeing AXLWolf repeatedly call the guys that were trying to survive in the back as "Slowers." Even called me a "noob" for accusing him of rushing.


But one of them, or both of them might have actually came back to help the team, even if it did take them a while. I couldn't see how far NEB and AXLWolf both were from us, or how close they both were, since I was busy trying to help out my teammates in the back and survive. Because I'm not really sure whether or not they came back to help, or whether or not they just stood inside the elevator, I'll just support Johnny's decision of no action getting taken. Just to be safe :)

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When someone calls you a name, you see disrespect going on, or someone is breaking a rule get a screenshot. Of course warn them, if it doesn't stop send it to an admn or post it on here. We can't ban on uncertainty as I'm sure you know. But If someone is causing choas like that we will take care of it. Nobody likes trouble makers. Add the admins onto your friends list and get one if they are online. :)

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Duly noted Carlos.  The thread will establish circumstantial evidence any history of rulebreaking.


However, unless admin actually witnessed it, we need definitive proof of infractions - screens, videos, etc.  Otherwise, it's he said-she said and Sassy will yell at me for banning based on inconclusive evidence.  You should see the names she call me in chat.  

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3 rushers


1-Trinity     : http://steamcommunity.com/id/trinityinteractive/                                      STEAM_0:0:72738746

2-guilletate: http://steamcommunity.com/id/guilletate/                                                 STEAM_0:0:79766638

3-78_60    :  http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198116611947/                    STEAM_0:1:78173109    





Proof: pictures and a witness: Ed                








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Was cursing and insulting us many times when he got killed.


sir chair   STEAM_1:0:43013760>




 I could only take one screenshot , 'the drain' and 'JonnyZ(SoCal) ' are witnesses: 


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Got it thanks.  Just a heads up, if you say someone was insulting, please post evidence of insults.  I only banned him for cursing (1day).  If you had proof of insults, then the penalty would've been more severe.


Guy just had a VAC ban a month ago too. Interesting...

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Please Ban this kid we were playing his buddy stacked teams as you can see there was a votekick i did to fix this and then he used profanity not once but twice and then left 


# 3469 12 "gabrielldht" STEAM_1:0:84265280 11:18 229 3 active 30000
I found his steam id on the other server he was on server 2 and jumped to server 1


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