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Johnny's Hall of Fame, Shame, Fun Times, and Lolz


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@ All viewers( and thread stalkers/lurkers)


Thread has gained a decent amount of followers and popularity.  I have a *lot* of videos in queue, like 55GB worth of clips ( lol ), but I think it's boring to see constant submissions of my nooby gameplay.  So I'd officially like to expand the thread for the entire GC L4D2 community's use.  If you want to post your videos, do so but please follow these guidelines:


Use this format *




Short description/trash talk:


Directly imbed video to post ( no downloads ); Youtube is preferable!






1. High Definition *Preferred* 

2. Keep it *GC Servers* L4D2 gameplay.

3. *Quality* material. Try to post the best examples of gameplay, fails, lols, deaths, admins like Pump dying, etc.  

4. Do not spam posts, i.e. do not post a bunch of videos or posts. Once a day, every other day, once a week, etc.  

5. All GC rules apply.




Series in the queue!


Getting Done Dirty I     (Completed)


We Hate Carlos I    (Completed)


Death Charge! I    (Completed)


Hospital Roof Lulz I    (Completed )


Teamwork FTW I    (Completed)


Joyrides I    (Completed )


Finale... Denied I   (Completed)


Epic Fails I    (Completed)


** Special Post - Admins vs. Members 2 **   (Completed)


Death Smoke! I    (Completed )


** !Facepalm Peanut **  (Completed)


!Facepalm Newbies  (Completed)


Tank Spank   (Completed)


Cliff of RAGE    (Completed)


Rekt by Infected    (Completed)


Death Charge! II WEEK    (Completed)


Smack! Pwned! I    (Completed)


The Struggle Be Real    (Completed)


Joyrides II    (Completed)


Getting Done Dirty II   (Completed)


Teamwork FTW II   (Completed)


Hospital Roof Lulz II   (Completed)


What a **tch! I  (Completed)


The Struggles of Johnny I   (Completed)


We Hate Carlos II  (Completed)


Death Smoke! II   (Completed)


Deadmins I  (Completed)


BEST. SPITTER. EVER  (Completed)


Parish Finale! I (Completed)


Epic Fails II   (Completed)


Poundtown  (Completed)


RAAAGE I   (Completed)


Dixie Dying Deaths I   (Completed)


Joyrides III   (Completed)


Rekt by Infected II   (Completed)


The Struggle Be Real II  (Completed)


SNC, 10-31-15 (Completed)


Ding Ding Ding! (Completed)


Hospital Roof Lulz III   (Completed)


SNC,11-14-15  (Completed)


SNC, 11-21-15  (Completed)


SNC, 12-12-15   (Completed)


Deadmins II  (Completed)


The Ultimate Race  (Completed)


We Hate Carlos III  (Completed)


Hall of Shame I  (Completed)


Joyrides IV  (Complete)


The Struggles of Johnny II (Completed)


Getting Done Dirty III (Completed)


Parish Finale! II  (Completed)


Carlos and Elias I (Completed)


Teamwork FTW III (Completed)


Deadmins III  (Completed)


Death Charge! III (Completed)


SNC, 5-13 (Completed)


SNC, 5-20 (Completed)


Death Smoke III (Completed)


Dixie Dying Deaths II  


Saturday Night Customs, 6/10


Saturday Night Customs, 6/17




Sweet Summer of Crotchings


Smacked! Pwned! II


Parish Finale III


Hospital Roof Lulz IV


Rat Race


Poundage II



Dixie Dying Deaths II III IV V VI


And much, much more 




Starting with....


Sunday afternoon fun rides in 1080p60 HD!


Edited by Johnny
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I give it a 9.5/10. Minus 0.5 points only cuz it took me like 2 minutes trying to spawn in as the spitter to spit on those in the bathroom. The incaps spawn blocked one bathroom, the other bathroom was occupied, and everyone else that was up and alive spawn blocked the hallway. Even when I was out of sight, it said that I was "too close to the survivors." Had to wait for the whole team to get in that bathroom to get them spitting points. But yea, at least it's close to a 10 tho :)

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It is my distinct honor and privilege to present to the GC community:



The 5 Stages of Turbo


1.       Panic - With unfounded accusations of rushing


2.       Begging - For dem points!


3.       Demands - For dem points!  While this is under the connotation of authority, please make no mistake: This is one of the most extreme form of beggary, employed only by those at their utmost desperation.  For shame!


4.       Relief


5.       Cheeky Defiance



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