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RIP DNA (aka Andrew Allen)


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Aortic Dissection on Thursday, March 5th.


Electrical Engineering at U of Arizona.

From Anaconda, Montana. Was living in Cannon Beach, Oregon at the time.


Will link obit, etc. when I/others get it. 









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Pour one out for an OG GC. DNA was one of the reasons we ever had a popular west coast cs:source server years and years ago. He treated everyone like an old friend and always was fun to be on the server with.


I never had the chance to meet him until we both somehow ended up in the northwest. He was even more generous and fun to be around in person, driving an hour and a half to rip around Portland. We played pool and talked nerdy for hours. I wish I took him up on his offer to come hang out on the coast for a weekend. 


I can't say I knew him like a close friend, but I know he was a good person. 


RIP dude.



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I am stuck in India for a few months with work so I haven't been keeping up to date and this was not news I was expecting when I did come online.

How terribly, terribly sad.

It seems today the world needs all the good guys it can get and I see we lost another.

Been a while since I've been on any of the servers but I remember some good times with DNA.


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