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World of Warcraft is coming


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World of Warcraft is in early beta stages at the moment. That means it should be released within 6-8 months, maybe sooner. If you've played any of the Warcraft games, the world and storyline will be instantly familiar. I have personally only played Warcraft III and The Frozen Throne, and that only for the last few days. However, I'm already falling in love with the lore of Warcraft. It has the most rich storyline of any real time strategy I've ever seen. It's more of a role playing game in many ways.

I'll try to post up some of the key information and some of the juicy screenshots as I find them. I would also like to know who's interested (seriously interested, planning on spending the $10-12/month) in playing and forming a clan. What I last read (awhile ago) seemed to indicate that Horde players would not be able to communicate with Alliance players. So if we are to form a clan and adventure with each other then we'll need to decide what side we'll be on. But I'll try to find out for sure if that's the case.



For those who haven't seen much, or anything on World of Warcraft, here's what Blizzard has to say about their game:


Four years have passed since the aftermath of Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, and a great tension now smolders throughout the ravaged world of Azeroth. As the battle-worn races begin to rebuild their shattered kingdoms, new threats, both ancient and ominous, arise to plague the world once again.

World of Warcraft is an online role-playing experience set in the award-winning Warcraft universe. Players assume the roles of Warcraft heroes as they explore, adventure, and quest across a vast world. Being "Massively Multiplayer," World of Warcraft allows thousands of players to interact within the same world. Whether adventuring together or fighting against each other in epic battles, players will form friendships, forge alliances, and compete with enemies for power and glory.

A dedicated live team will create a constant stream of new adventures to undertake, lands to explore, and monsters to vanquish. This content ensures that the game will never be the same from month to month, and will continue to offer new challenges and adventures for years to come.

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The playable races in the World of Warcraft are divided up into two sides, the Alliance and the Horde.


The Alliance: Humans, Night Elves, Dwarves and Gnomes


The Horde: Orcs, Tauren, Undead and Trolls.



There are a total of 9 classes, however, not every race has access to all the classes. The classes are:



Upholders of the Holy Light and defenders of the Alliance, the Paladins can be found from the northern forests of the Tirisfal Glades, fighting back the advance of the Forsaken, to the southern reaches of the Blasted Lands, ceaselessly upholding their vigil against demonic forces from beyond the Dark Portal. Wielding their mighty hammers and the strength of the Light, these holy warriors command forces in battle, all the while throwing themselves to where the fighting is the thickest.



At home in the shadows and skilled at disappearing from sight, the Rogues of Azeroth are most comfortable when acting in the background. Twisting events to their favor, striking only when advantage is greatest: this is where a Rogue excels. With their cunning tricks, physical abilities, and mastery of concealment and disguise, Rogues have no trouble finding employment as thieves, cutthroats, spies, and assassins.



Priests lead the many faiths spread throughout the disparate lands of the world of Azeroth. In Kalimdor, Night Elf Priestesses revere the moon goddess Elune, while Dwarven priests in Khaz Modan deliver the message of the Light to their people. In the ruins of Lordaeron, the undead priests of the Forsaken, their faith twisted and tainted by their tortured existences, spread a dark interpretation of the Holy Light. Regardless of their faith, however, all Priests share in their ability to manipulate the minds of those who turn to them for spiritual guidance.



Azeroth is home to a wide variety of beasts. From the new world of Lordaeron to the old world of Kalimdor, all manner of creatures can be found. Some are friendly, some are ferocious and aggressive - yet they all have one thing in common. Each creature shares a special connection with Hunters. Hunters track, tame and slay all manner of animals and beasts found in the wilds. Whether they rely on bows or firearms, Hunters consider their weapons and pets to be their only true friends.



Warlocks were mages that delved too deeply into the roots of demonic power. Consumed by a lust for dark knowledge, they've tapped into chaotic magics from beyond the world. The Burning Legion now feeds them their powers, allowing them to channel destructive energies and call upon the powerful emissaries of their demon masters.



Druids are the keepers of the world. Locked in slumber for generations, they awoke to meet the threat of the Burning Legion during its recent invasion. After Archimonde's defeat, the Druids chose to remain in the waking world and help to rebuild their shattered lands. The Legion's attack left a terrible scar on the natural order, and the Druids seek to heal it.



Warriors are the melee-centered class. These characters are tough as nails and masters of weaponry and tactics. The special abilities of the warrior are naturally combat-oriented.



The Mages of Warcraft once centered their powers within the mageocracy of Dalaran. After that kingdom's destruction by the Burning Legion, however, the arcane arts spread to the far corners of the world.



Shamans are the spiritual leaders of their tribes and clans. They communicate with spirits, have visions of the future, and guide their people through the darkest of times. Many mistake their wisdom and serenity for a pacifist nature. When challenged, though, shamans have a range of powers available for dealing with threats to the natural order.
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I'm in Crow.


Me and a gang of friends have been moving around from MMORPG to MMORPG. UO, AC, DAoC, AC2, Horizons, etc..


We've been watching the progress on World of Warcraft for almost a year and we're hoping ONE of us gets in the beta! This game is looking to be incredible!

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This is going to be a first person MMORPG Jackie. No building up armies and attacking, just grabbing a sword or axe and venturing out into the world of Azeroth.

The game is being built with 5 players in mind. There will be many dungeons that will be conquerable by yourself, or with only a few people, but there will also be a feature unique to WoW, which will have "uber-dungeons" that are far to hard for only a couple people to take. They're built for parties of 5-10 or even more perhaps.

Adventuring alone may be fun for awhile, but I think the game will be more enjoyable if we have a clan running around together helping each other be successful.

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Here's a little info on some modes of transportation in WoW.

Fly the skies of Azeroth! World of Warcraft features an advanced flying transportation network. Players can unlock flying routes then buy tickets to ride flying mounts over long distances to reduce walking time. Players can travel on four types of air mounts and in Goblin Zeppelins (more on that later).


Air Mount Highlights:

Unlock new flying routes - To unlock new flight paths, you must search for flying-mount locations and speak with special NPC route masters -- indicated by a green "!" above their heads -- there. After connecting two flying points, you can travel, for a fee, between those locations on an air mount. You start the game with your home city's flying point active; the remaining flying points must be discovered. When you click on a route master, a world map appears showing the flight routes you've unlocked and the price for each flight.


this one's exciting!!!

See new places! - Flying gives you an entirely different view of the world…if you think you know your way around, wait until you see Azeroth by air! The flight paths are specifically designed to delight passengers with entertaining sights and glimpses of new regions, such as dangerous high-level areas that you might not be ready to explore yet. You can also get a clear view of other players adventuring on the ground and see some of the monsters that you'll be encountering later in the game.


The six major cities serve as central transport hubs, and all flight routes path through them. Running the air transportation network from these central locations helps keep prices down for customers, and the air mounts can be fed and stabled in the cities (and they can also retire in them once they become too old!).


Flying allows you to quickly return to previous locations to turn in quests, meet up with friends, shop, visit the bank, and more.


There is no waiting for a flight. Once you buy your ticket, you're automatically placed on the mount, and your air journey begins! 


To avoid fatal falling damage, you will be seatbelted onto the air mount for the entirety of the journey, so all you'll have to worry about is sitting back, relaxing, and enjoying the ride.


While riding on an air mount, you can rotate the camera to view your surroundings and the ground below (and capture screenshots). You can also chat, use your character screens, organize your inventory, and so on.


Public transport is provided by:


The mighty gryphons of the Aerie Peaks aided the Alliance in its time of need. Part eagle and part lion, these proud creatures stand as noble symbols of the Alliance's fortitude. In addition to conveying important documents between the human, dwarf, and gnome leaders in the regions around Stormwind and Ironforge, gryphons have also been harnessed for paid transportation along routes throughout Alliance-controlled lands.


Having sworn allegiance to the night elves in honor of Cenarius, the magical hippogryphs now patrol the skies above Northern Kalimdor, scanning the horizon for invaders. During the war, these magnificent creatures, with bodies that resemble both stags and ravens, were ridden into battle by Sentinel archers. They have since agreed to serve as paid transport for the Alliance, carrying travelers along with them on their patrol routes.


The sentient wyverns of Kalimdor were eager to ally themselves with the shamanistic Horde, whose commitment to honor and victory they strongly admire. Sharing a common ancestry with dragons and gryphons, wyverns revel in flight, dutifully carrying Horde riders along various routes surrounding Thunder Bluff and Orgrimmar for a small fee.

Vampire Bats

Like their Southern Kalimdor siblings, the vampire bats of Zul Aman have always savored the frenzied turmoil of battle. This chaotic disposition has naturally aligned them with the Forsaken, who continue their struggle against Lord Arthas' Scourge while maintaining a tense alliance with the Horde. In addition to ferrying throughout Lordaeron those who pay for their service, the vampire bats also act as scouts for the Dark Lady.


There is an in-game movie showing the gryphon ride from Stormwind to Ironforge available here.








As you can see by the screenshots above, there is also the option of having personal transportation. Each race has it's prefered mode, humans on horseback, orcs on wolfs, dwarves on rams, etc.

Here's what Blizzard has to say about mounts:


World of Warcraft offers a variety of mounts for the different races of Azeroth. Humans, for example, generally ride horses, and Orcs tend to favor their trusted wolf mounts. A mount is a special type of permanent pet that a player can own. Using one requires the riding talent, and with extensive training, riding specialists will be able to use mounts not generally available to their particular race.

More than mere status symbols, mounts allow players to travel over land more quickly than on foot. When a player is mounted, he or she has full control over the mount. To avoid exploiting monsters, players cannot attack while mounted. Also, monsters are unable to attack mounts. Instead, when a player is mounted, all attacks and damage are directed at the player and not at the mount. If a player dies while on a mount, the mount will "unsummon" and be available for "resummoning" once the player reenters the world of the living.


Mount Highlights:


Owning a mount is an impressive accomplishment in the game (not to mention the fact that it makes you look cool). 

The mounts for each race can differ in appearance. For instance, wolves' fur can be gray, white, black, or other colors.

Your mount automatically "unsummons" when you go indoors, and can be resummoned when you go outdoors again.

Modified emotes are available for when you're on a mount.

Some quests are related to mounts.

Mounts have other benefits yet to be revealed...


The mounts:


The strong bond between the humans of Azeroth and their warhorses has existed for generations. However, since the fall of Lordaeron, only select varieties continue to be bred throughout Alliance-controlled lands. Most prized among these are the stately Evendales of Elwynn Forest, renowned for their loyalty and even tempers. These horses command a hefty sum, but they reward their owners with steadiness and speed.



Before they were domesticated by the Sentinel Army and trained as mounts, Kalimdor's savage nightsaber panthers were considered to be among the continent's most vicious inhabitants. While many of these grand predatory beasts still prowl the dusky shores and forests of the night elves' homeland, the finest pedigrees of the species, recognized by their superior swiftness and agility, now serve a more practical purpose for those skilled enough to ride them.



Distinguished by their shaggy coats and massive horns, Barak Tor'ol mountain rams are simple yet proud animals whose fearlessness is matched only by that of their dwarven masters. While these good-natured animals lack ferocity, they compensate with uncommon durability and strength. The thickness of their fur helps them withstand the biting winds of Khaz Modan and the sharp claws of the mountain beasts that populate the region.



Wolves are indigenous to many parts of Azeroth. They live on every known continent and have a wide variety of subspecies and social habits. Although most are hostile toward anyone who trespasses on their territories, a few unique dire wolf packs have befriended the Horde in recent years. These cunning and ferocious creatures have found an especially welcome home among the orcs, who admire their endurance and keen survival instincts.


Plains running

Too large and heavy to be adequately supported by anything that walks on four legs, tauren benefit from a natural ability called plains running, which lets them travel at great velocities for brief periods of time. Moving across land on foot at such speeds would exhaust any normal being, but in addition to their courage and honor, tauren are also known for their tremendous stamina.


Undead Steeds

Coming soon...

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Been Playing Blizzard games since Diablo and StarCraft. I love MMORPG's myself and have played through EQ, AO, DAOC, SWG and a couple others. I will be ALL OVER WoW when it comes out. NE Druid all the way baby... (Good lord I love my druids...)

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GC Alumni
This is going to be a first person MMORPG Jackie. No building up armies and attacking, just grabbing a sword or axe and venturing out into the world of Azeroth.

The game is being built with 5 players in mind. There will be many dungeons that will be conquerable by yourself, or with only a few people, but there will also be a feature unique to WoW, which will have "uber-dungeons" that are far to hard for only a couple people to take. They're built for parties of 5-10 or even more perhaps.

Adventuring alone may be fun for awhile, but I think the game will be more enjoyable if we have a clan running around together helping each other be successful.

Oh.. sorry. I had it confused with the other Warcrafts. I may take a look into this. It looks pretty cool.



Do you have to pay a monthly fee to play online or is it just free? I think I heard that it was I'm not sure.

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But it'll be like DOAC and have a team constantly updating shizzle, and there will be enough stuff that any character can only do each quest once, so there will be no 10 hours of rat/bat/slime/dung killing.


I have yet to play a MMRPG because I thought them all lame. However, I'm a huge Blizzard fan (division of Sony) and therefore WILL be playing this one.


Be prepared for White Knight the Troll Thief!

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I had never played a MMORPG because, similar to White Knight, I had heard that most sux0red. However, I got invited to the Lineage II closed beta recently, and decided to give it a try, partly because I got the invite, but mainly because I wanted to get the feel of an MMORPG before WoW came out.


I said it was first person, I'm not sure that's correct. I don't really know, however, come to think of it, I've only seen 3rd person screenshots. So I'm guessing it will be like Lineage II, a 3rd person view with very good zooming and rotation. Lineage II's view is really good. I'd like first person, but 3rd makes for better screenshots.


Also, go to the Blizzard site and download the movies. At least the E3 Trailer and the March Gameplay movie. They're worth it!! :o



just reading the F.A.Q. here, it says this about views:

Can you play the game in the first person view?

Yes, World of Warcraft can be played in first person view. Different viewing options can be selected by utilizing either the keyboard or the mouse.


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Ive been watching WoW since it was rumored....been a bliz fan since my first game, Warcraft 1.(<3 dos)

bought every bliz game after that, except for wc2:beyond dark portal and bnet edition because IMO wc2 was their worst game.

i REALLY hope i get into beta, ill probably pay for it if im not...yah im addicted.

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Hey Crow. I might be interested. My brother is already going to be playing it so why not tag along? Warcraft has always held a special place in my gaming career :) and WoW looks to fun to not play. Just imagine if you get a huge clan and have a huge battle with another clan.


I got a question. What happens if your character dies? can you revive them? do you have to start over?

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Xterm I don't BELIEVE this has been addressed yet for WoW. But usually in MMORPG's when such a thing happens, you are revived with some kind of penalty. (EQ you lose experience, DAOC same but less, SWG you take physical "wounds" which are very annoying to get healed) Everything has some kind of incentive NOT to die, but most games (except EQ UGHGHGHGHGHGHG) don't penalize you so badly it's agonizing.

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lol Get over it and move on bud. I can already tell you FOR CERTAIN, there will be a fee, and I'd even be willing to bet it will be $14.95 a month but I could be wrong on that last part. You just don't make and support games like these, as a developer, and give them away for next to nothing. Games like this have been tried before on just initial purchase costs. (Anyone else ever play Castle Infinity?) It simply can't be done. It's not cost effective. Now, do they make WAY more than they need BY charging the monthly fee they do? Most likely. But people are willing to pay it and so they take what they can get. Welcome to capitalism boys.


</Economics Lecture>

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I will be getting this when it releases, I am hoping to get in the beta but that will be a long shot.


I will, most likely, be 2-boxing an Undead Warlock and an Undead Priest. I may switch the priest to an Orc Shaman, I have not decided yet.

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Just a couple things I didnt read all the posts :P


1) WoW is in alpha right now, not Beta. The Beta is rumored to be starting within 2 weeks though.


2) I have a RL friend that is in the Alpha because he has a friend that works at Blizzard.


3) He says that this MMORPG is the best he has ever played even in its alpha state(He has played UO, EQ, DAoC, SWG, Earth and Beyond, Planetside, and a couple others).


4) The price per month is rumored that it will be in the 15.95-19.95 range. I know myself that if the game is 19.95 a month I wont be playing it, 12.95 a month that I currently play for DAoC is enough for me.


5) My main concern with WoW is what their PvP system will be like, they dont have it released in the beta yet, they havent announced really any specific details yet which leads me to believe it isnt fully designed yet which isnt a real problem as long as they do it right.


6) MMOs can be a very fun genre but very addicting and time consuming, I am not sure I have the time or energy to devote to another MMORPG after getting about 10 lvl 50s in DAoC.


7) If I get in to the beta I will try it and decide if its worth my time but if I dont I doubt I will play the game even though my RL friend raves about it so much.


8) I will most likely just stick with DAoC.

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Right, still in Alpha, my mistake. The beta's been delayed several times. The latest I've heard is that the first wave of invites gets sent out Monday.


If it's close to $20/month I don't think I'll be playing it either, it'll be a tough choice though. With the world already created, it should make for a very interesting story. And I believe Blizzard will continue to advance the story as the game goes on.

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I doubt they'll make it 20 a month. A couple companies have tried and found out that they couldn't get enough subscribers that way. The cost is too high in comparison to other good games like DAOC (I used to play too CL, 42 Light Eldritch). 15 is probably likely.. SWG pulled 15 and got away with it but much higher and people wont sit for it. Im hoping I get in the beta too cause I have really high hopes for this game. *Crosses fingers* Either way though, I'll be buying it and playing a Night Elf Druid or Hunter most likely.

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Ive determined that this will probably be the only MMORPG i will buy.


I've beta tested,


Asheron's Call

Asheron's Call 2




Planned and helped with Dawn, but that died before it came to beta :-/


Ive bought none of them. But Asheron's Call i played at my friends house and loved. Although i never got it I wanted to.


Ill probably get WoW to play in College. With any luck it will come out over the summer so i can get all set up and then be able to play from there.


Ive loved warcraft since the day the first one came out. I loved Warcraft II more than any game ive ever played, and both of blizzards other games (Diablo and Diablo II) have gotten me hooked forever. I cant wait!



Im going to read up on this hardcore, and then determine, like i always do before MMORPGs, what race, class, gender, and the like that i am going to be!


I cant wait!! :boing::boing:

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Hey guys.


I'm planning on getting wow too as soon as it get out - hopefully right after school ends! Good times staying up until 8:30 am playing w/ your friends


I'm thinking Dwarf Paladin or maybe mage? I dunno, I like support classes. Ironforge also looks like the coolest city by far..


Anywho, it'd be great playing with you guys seeing how much I like playing CS with ya =D

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