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Does anyone have some not so obvious tips they want to share? I'm interested in hearing some of the more interesting things people do to up their game.


I have a couple:

- The mp5 is only 2 points, so if you ever run out of ammo with one, or with a lesser gun like the smg/silenced smg/shotgun, it's cheaper to just buy a new one and potentially get a weapon upgrade too. (Instead of !ammo for 3 points)

- If you're too close to a charger when he tries to charge it will fail. If you're feeling really brave you can use this to your advantage by trying to give them a hug.

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spending money on a good gun asap allows you to get points quicker... took me a year to figure that out xD


The Hunter bonus pounce damage is based on the distance between your launch point and the point where you hit the Survivor; therefore, launching straight up or down is not the most effective pounce.

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As infected :

- When attempting a hpounce, always look survivor getup/ladder climb animations that make them immobile or limit movement( such as being swarmed by common ) for the duration. This is a great way to score some high pounces w/ nearly zero miss rate. You can coordinate this w/ other hunters to repeatedly high pounce the same guy and incap him faster than high pouncing different people. Chaining hunters is always something I strive to achieve by either initiating it or succeeding a previous high pounce w/ my own h pounce.

- When trying to pounce a moving target, try to lead his trajectory by pouncing where you anticipate he will be when you land. You have a little wiggle room to correct your assumption but this makes it more difficult.

- When a survivor is being picked up, you can interrupt this process by clawing the incapped survivor not the one doing the pick up. This is a great strategy to employ when playing as a spitter/boomer in order to prolong how much your spit damages for but also to buy your team time to spawn more spitters/boomers. I use this all time and I employ others to use it.

-Always watch out for your team mates pulling or jockying survivors and try to cover them, don't rush to spawn.

- Don't spawn attack a survivor w/ a smoker,jockey,charger, and hunter(except when high pouncing) when you will get shot within 1-3 secs, try to time your attacks such that they are as devastating as possible. The exception being when you're trying to cover some other infected.


As survivor :

- Avoid using your medkit on yourself unless absolutely necessary( if B/W and noone else has one ) as it's a good source of points.

-If you can afford it, buy a laser. This will give you 100% accuracy, perfect for shooting both long and close distance targets.

-Aim for the head as headshots net you twice the points.

-Always watch for flying boomers and shoot them mid air( use your own knowledge of popular rocket booming spots and watch out for those spots as you progress)

-If a flying boomer lands next to you, then IMMEDIATELY shove it and back away.

-Don't shoot boomers that can be shoved easily to reduce how many people get biled.

-Shoving spitters before they spit( even if they are in spit animation ) will prevent the spit projectile from being launched. This works great for those close quarter spitters that try to rush in to get a quick spit, shove them first before shooting.

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- The mp5 is only 2 points, so if you ever run out of ammo with one, or with a lesser gun like the smg/silenced smg/shotgun, it's cheaper to just buy a new one and potentially get a weapon upgrade too. (Instead of !ammo for 3 points)



silenced smg is better, does 400 dps over 320 dps from mp5, plus no dumb reload bug

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Buy heal as a charger! If you ever try to knock someone down or kill a BW and just needed that one extra punch, buy a heal immediately. It only cost 3 points and more often than not this method nets you evenly if you manage to pull of what you set to do. Other classes have too low of HP to make the heal worth it but a good example would be when you caught a survivor when he fail to jump down in time into the sewer. Let's say you got lit with a molotov and will burn to a crisp soon... buy a heal! Estimate how much HP you have dwindle down to before doing so. That few extra seconds can give your teammates a chance to spawn and finish the survivor off in case you don't.


If you're incap in the middle of open space and have enough points to heal, don't let the infected farm points off you just because you want to give another survivor 3 points. Lots of time if I see a spitter or a hunter about to attack me, I buy a heal immediately and dodge it. This not only give you 1/2 points (excluding achievements) but you just juke hardcore and made the infected wait another 20 seconds to respawn. Another juke method is to buy a heal pre-emptively when you about to get incap by a infected.

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As survivor:

(1). If you want to heal someone or to be healed, stay on some ledge, like on some table, chair, rock, anything, just do not stay on the ground. By doing this you make chargers and spitters hard to attack you. Also if you are performing some action that requires standing still for a while, try find some closed place to do it to reduce the risk of being targeted.

(2) Heal early! Heal yourself or someone who is yellow, do not stay yellow or red. You only need 8 points to buy a med kit and you get 4 points refund if you use it on someone else. But if someone get incapped, it will be 15 points to buy up and will give infected tons of points by just focusing on the vulnerable incapped one if you do not buy up. I see lots of times people just move with yellow or red status even when passing choke points, that is quite bad.

(3) If you have to pick up someone in a quite dangerous area, buy an adrenalin shot. Adrenalin shot is also useful on many other situation like passing choke points. It is an item underestimated by many people.

(4) Buy bile jar to blind the tank as long as it spawns. The earlier you blind it, the lesser damage it will cause.

(5) When you see the tank, immediately leave any hittable cars. If you cannot move far away from cars, get some cover. Even a tiny pole can block the flying car. (which is quite unreal though)

(6) When you are climbing a stair, keep distance from each other and do not follow the leader, as you an be crashed by a charger, sometimes to death.


As Infected:

(1) If you have points to buy a tank in a advantageous area (area with cars or at choke point), do not buy it until you can spawn normally, which means you can choose your spawn location so you can give the survivor biggest surprise. Make sure you spawn at the same time when you buy a tank so the survivor have little or no time to response. The first strike of the tank is the decisive one against an experienced survivor team. If you cannot incapp a few with your first strike, you will find that they are much harder to hit after they are aware of your presence.

(2) As hunter, watch for charger, as you can easily pounce someone knocked down by a charger after the charger is killed.

(3) If several survivors are swarmed in a narrow area, then a boomer and spitter can incapp them all because they will be out of control of their character after they are impacted by the boomer explosion and cannot move out of the spit. This is also why when you are survivor, you do not want to stay in narrow area.


General tips: move fast with anticipation, expect what will happen next, watch pro players and learn from them ( I learned a lot from general), get used to the terrains of each map.

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i love dancing in the spit paro. won't u come join me?


I did that yesterday! :biggrin: ...wasn't in Left 4 Dead though

are u talking about pee?


More like a mixture of beer/saliva/cups/dirt/snow and vomit


So that's what they put in those Belgian chocolates...

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i love dancing in the spit paro. won't u come join me?


I did that yesterday! :biggrin: ...wasn't in Left 4 Dead though

are u talking about pee?


More like a mixture of beer/saliva/cups/dirt/snow and vomit


So that's what they put in those Belgian chocolates...


Only in the ones we send to Canada

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Step 1. Buy a magnum.

Step 2. Buy an ak47.

Step 3. Buy laser sights.

Step 4. Farm points.

Step 5. Buy medkits.

Step 6. Buy adrenaline to apply medkits faster.

Step 7. Buy gnomes.


Edit: Jockeys are underrated but totally decent on the bridge finale.

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1: Stay with your team, they're the reason your still alive.

2: When dead, give away your points to the one who you think deserves it/ will get the most out of it.

3: Shove the boomers away first, don't just shoot (Please people, do this).

4: If you have it, an incendiary ammo pack can make quick work of a tank if enough people use it.

5: Listen carefully for a tongue snag, a pounce, or typical infected noises, it may save your life (How many times did I know there was a tank before anyone else.)

6: Learn to crown witches. You can prevent slowing down due to witches.

7: Stay with the group, but don't wait for everyone. If someone is taking too long, wish them luck and leave with the rest of the group.

8: Always heal someone else, and use the points to get some pain pills.

9: Do not heal someone under 50% health.

10: Shove Hunters/Jockeys/Smokers off a survivor and then shoot them. They are much easier targets, and they are stunned for a few seconds.

11:Do not run through spitter acid.

12: You can't deal friendly fire, use this to your advantage.

13: Use !buy to benefit your team with healthkits, pills, molotovs, and more!

14: Your team is more important then yourself, the team always comes first.





1: The hunter is not useless in this mode, He can be used to get some last minute points with powerful pounces.

2: Pounce into large clusters of survivors. If you are high enough, you could stun several people, and deal damage to the one you pounced.

3: Pounce survivors near witches, they can still disturb the witch.

4: Height and distance equal power, pounce and land on survivors from massive heights to deal extreme damage (maximum impact damage is 25).

5: Your called the hunter for a reason, kill off slowpokes. or rushers.



1: Always ambush, and then suicide in the cluster to get maximum points and biled survivors.

2: Try to ambush by aerial means if possible, it is rarely expected.

3: Your explosion activates car alarms.



1: Grab the ones in behind, it slows the whole group down.

2: Sync with other infected, and grab when everyone else is boomed.

3: Always pull survivors away from their goal, not toward it.

4: Pull survivors off a cliff, or force them to restart/ retake a path.

5: Pull survivors toward witches for an easy kill.



1: Aim in large clusters, from an area that they will not spot you in the act.

2: Do not wait for the spit to recharge, attempt to suicide ontop incapped survivors to deal extra damage, and gain extra points.

3: Aim for enclosed areas the survivors must go through.

4: spit on survivors pinned by teammates to deal extra damage, and get extra points.



1: Charge large groups of survivors to deal extra damage, stun survivors, and gain a lot of points.

2: Attempt to charge survivors off of cliffs, or high areas to instantly kill survivors.

3: Charging multiple survivors knock others backwards, get multiple kills with one charge by doing this.

4: Always charge survivors away from their goal, never toward.

5: Charge survivors toward witches for easy kills.



1: get the one in the back, it slows the entire group down.

2: You can ride survivors just by falling on them.

3: Attempt to force a survivor off a cliff, you may just get a kill.

4: Help chargers get a death charge, or smokers get a cliff pull, you are not meant to kill.

5: Do not steal kills from smokers, you are not meant to kill.

6: Ride survivors to the witches for easy kills.



1: Do not rush survivors head-on, you will die quickly.

2: Use cars to your advantage, and get several incapped at once.

3: Attempt to punch survivors off cliffs, or high places.

4: Do not attempt to hit survivors who are pinned by a smoker, hunter, jockey, charger, or witch, your stealing a kill and wasting your and someone elses time.

5: Stay away from fire, your demise will come quicker if you don't.

6: If survivors are close enough, ambush them, but don't let your frustration meter lower too far.


General infected

1: Support your tank, he's very spendy and should not die before he can do any damage.

2: No special is a "noobtube". If you have it, use it.

3: Use !buy to upgrade how many infected can be spawned at once.

4: Attempt to stay out of survivor line of fire when attacking.

5: Be careful where you spawn, you may become trapped.

6: If need be, you can suicide by saying "!buy" in chat, and selecting suicide.


Edit: Holy cow I feel like I wrote a novel with this post.

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