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Bob Lee has passed away

Guest Bob

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thank you for the link... as mac said, its times like these that bring people closer. it is deeply saddening knowing he is gone from us, he will be truly missed :( rest in peace bud...

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I can only think about his son. Bob and I talked a lot about family. He was so focused on being there for his boy because his dad was never there for him. (really sad story)


Im going to spend tomorrow with my kids and have an appreciation for it that I probably have never experienced. Be there for your kids, dads!


Be assured that the starter of this topic, Bob's son and the other boys involved have my prayers.



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Loss for words. I spent so much time talking to the man and we became such good friends. I remember that back when he first started to play CS and joined Mmmm, that he didn't know he could use his mouse, thats the great memory I remember with him. That and just how much he helped everyone. Horrible news, I really don't know what to say.

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I wish we had more of Bob's words, all lost to the changing of forums.


You can ponder here.


Some tributes:


I haven't had admin for a long time, amazing how long Mr. Ban's reputation lingers, much like a fart in an elevator...



Gotta love Bob.


I love you Mmmman.......


(even if I don't get the Bud Light)


All Mmmm are equally great, cept Bart, he stinks of Poo.


I'm sad that we have only 20 of his posts...because he had some classics.

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A couple more quotes from Bob....


Here...here's a hanky, now SHUT YER PIEHOLE AND LEMME PLAY!
...my language is as clean as the Pope's compared to 4 years ago.


Now Zeab, Bart and Fat, they deserve it, the nublet-est players in the game
Has anyone seen my penguin?


I'm more of a niblet kinda guy myself, HO HO HO Greeeen Giant, love those corn niblets.


He truely was a great guy,



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Remember the old map page?




I've created a small memorial out of it, just messing around thinking about him....




I noticed Wilco wearing _lee after his name tonight. I thought that was neat. Perhaps we should all follow suit for this weekend, and make it a tribute to Bob.

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I never really met the guy but i heard a lot of good things.....i think we should take a few moments of silence in rememberance of [Mmmm]Bob_Lee. :( ty and my respect to the family.

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Here's one that will make you smile. Bob liked some weird music, and he'd send some strange things from time to time.


Here's one that was inside an awp_map2.zip for some weird reason.




I'm finding some things here and there, like articles he wrote for the "news style" web page we were doing. I gotta believe that Bob would enjoy us enjoying these things in his honor.


Unfortunately I don't have the funny pics that go with these:




A man was crushed this week by a falling crate in office. Authorities say they suspect foul play. CS_Sniper, a well known CS player was apparently playing on Office with some unknown parties. Witnesses say during an altercation between Sniper and a teammate only identified as "Buttface" the two men were arguing, when Sniper apparently threatened this "Buttface". At that point the Buttface individual pushed a crate onto Sniper. The mysterious Buttface then disappeared.


"I don't know who would want to do Sniper in," says Fat Bastard, an Mmmm reporter who knows Sniper, "He was always such fun to be around"


Sniper wasn't seriously injured in the accident, Doctors say the brunt of the impact was taken directly on the skull, saving the man's life.



Hostage Union Leaders announced the hostage strike this week. The have come forward with evidence of extreme abuse.


"We didn't want it to go this far," says one Union Rep, who ased to remain anonymous, "but the abuse has gotten out of hand, beatings, torture, mutilation, these are all daily occurances and must be stopped!"


Photographic evidence was publicly shown this week. In addition to the photographs, at least 7 hostages have given depositions on the abuse they suffer.


"We will not put up with this any longer, our jobs are taken lightly in CS anymore, without us, what would you do? Run around and shoot each other, you might as well go play UT!" says the Union rep.


CS players seem indifferent to the plight of the hostages, one player, [DOH]++SexyTyme++ had some interesting observations.


"They are hostages! That is their job, they chose to be what they are, I have no sympathy" he says


The effort to have random hostages armed is still the most debated topic when it comes to the strike. Union Leaders say this would cut down on the abuse immensely, while CS representitives say it is a ridiculous idea. CS hostages know what they want, they say they will fight for their rights as long as it may take.




There have been alot of off-shoot competitions in CS but this is by far the strangest of all. A few CS players have gotten together and created a new game within Counter-Strike. The Counter-Strike Gymnastics Association. These players not only attempt to shoot each other, they aim at areas of the body that will cause strange contortions and jumps. Spectator judges then award points for form, style and difficulty.




The inventor of this game refused to be interviewed by the Times. He is busy perfecting his skills and trying to push CS gymnastics as a new event in the future Olympic games.

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Guest Shertown-Pimp
Guest Shertown-Pimp

man o man, I come back after a few days to read this, Bob, aka Bob Lee Swagger was the toughest player around, but a great guy. Had some good times with him, he will be missed.

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thx so much fatty, memories bring back past joys, and im sure you are right, anybody would be thrilled knowing they had such impacts on peoples lives. If this is just a game, than its the best damn game i've ever played...

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Well i didnt know bob that well,besides playing with him.

By seeing all these posts i know that he was a special person,and I will StepBack for real and say some prayers for his family. Life is precious. :(:(

Edited by GenStepback
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wow...I read this yesterday....and still don't know what to say....


I can remember BobLee from the days of Platinum....was a GREAT guy.

EVERY time he would come into the server 90% of the ppl would be "yelling" his name because he was so well liked.....


his family will be in my prayers


ggs BobLee



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Guest Cold|Fusion
Guest Cold|Fusion

I only played with bob a few time but they were memborable ........ my condolences to his family and to all that were close to him. :(:(:(:(

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