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From the snippet I saw, it really didn't look like you dove into anything....it looked like you splatted into the wall, then "dropped" into something.


Very entertaining.


Thanks for cleaning up.

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Oh god...not the videos Ebil...

I'm surprised you're awake...

I'm surprised I'm alive...

I think I died... I think.


Those Vids def. gotta go up. lol



btw, Fatty, enjoy another power strip on me... that's the 2nd one I left there... :twitch:

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Uploading several general pics right now.


Speaking of pics, when we do the photo album online, we're going to pick original, hq, good pics to show. If you had your camera at FF, we'd appreciate you sending your pics in so we could sift through them for shots that we missed. Thanks!


Just a second and I'll have some up.

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GirlGamer and Ebil workin the beer cart at golf



My favorite golf picture. Could be the FF Golf Theme pic.



Two views of the poker lounge / presentation area.





An early pic of the gaming area. There's two tables on the right that you can't see. Next year Bub's gonna have to do some panoramic view of the whole thing.



Girlgamer and Allanon standing around looking cool.



Shep and Mag at their seats.



Anonymo, Shrop, and Nick in the console area.



K-Will (pronounced Kay Will) was workin it. Some were referring to him as "quill", others called him "tiny." I have no pics of the visitors that he brough in from the bar, but many gamers were pleased with his selection.



Mossad, pwning with only one hand to the disbelief of THX.



Two screens, used for console games and match viewing.



People enjoying some CSS competition on the screens in the poker area.



A nice view of how removing the walls we had last year opened things up. Made for a much more comfortable atmosphere.



A little poker action.



Allanon FLOPS A ROYAL FLUSH. What are the odds? Like 1 in 2 million something? It happened at FF06!



Darters enjoyed some time in the snack room. Kudos go out to Clueless for his construction! From left to right: Lost, Mini, Batman, and Bat...with Mrs. Mini (Steph) at the table.


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The drive through Ohio was interesting. Everybody drives the speed limit or slower in the left lane. A LOT of them are on their cell phones and many of those who are on their phones are also eating and/or smoking. Between Columbus and Hudson, 70%+ of the cars I passed were on my left. So when I got off the freeway, I was really scared about the weekend and wondering what I'd gotten myself into when I saw this at Bob Evans:



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