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WoW community clan


Which side of the war shall we be on?  

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I can see already that people all want to be different races on different sides of the war. I would like to create a clan from the start made up of community members, and possibly even find some new members as the game gets going. However, it seems that to do this, we must decide which side we'll be on. Now, you'll be able to have multiple characters, I'm assuming. So if the majority decides on, say the Alliance, you can still create your Tauren character and alternate using your Alliance character on planned clan times, and your Horde character when you're on your own.


The Blizzard F.A.Q. says this about the Horde vs the Alliance:


Will players have the ability to change factions (for example: from Horde to Alliance)?

No, but it will be possible to learn languages and communicate with players of the opposing faction.


Can the same account have both a Horde & Alliance character on the same Realm?

This is still being looked at and is one of the many things that will be tested during the beta.


Will players be able to trade with members of the opposite faction?

Currently no, but this is still being decided and will be watched closely in beta.


Will Horde and Alliance characters have the ability to gain faction points thus allowing them to utilize each other's cities?

That's currently not the plan.


So, it seems that we'll have to pick one side or the other. Vote up, and give us a good reason. Or, if you don't think a community team is a good idea, say that instead. :(

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Alliance is winning it seems. If we go that route, I might try being a Night Elf hunter. (Tame me a Treant :D ) Night Elves get to ride on tigers, so that's kinda cool.




Only thing is, I don't really like elves. So I'll probably just be a human warrior or warlock. It would be nice to have one of these following me around :) . A guy would come up to me and be like, :disgust: "You pansy, ph33r my l33t skillz!"

And I'd be like :rolleyes: "I'd like you to say hello to my little friend..." *casts spell to summon inferno*




Then he'd be like :o:=:freak:

And I'd be like :laughcry: as he ran away.

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is this for the beta? or you guys talking about the actual game?


i have yet to sign up for the beta...i lost interest in the whole thing while back, but those screens make it look so damn cool :o

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I'm in the beta for Lineage II (open beta starts at the end of March, if anyone wants in) and just today we got together about 12 players for a big hunt. None of us knew each other, just one guy started saying he wanted to get a party together, and within 5 minutes, 12-15 people were all following him. It was great fun, and beneficial to lower level players too. I want to be able to do that with friends. (i.e. you guys)

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EQ left wounds on me too. But I enjoyed it when I played it. WoW from all reports will be the best MMORPG to date though. And that's saying a lot because I personally thought SWG was EXCELLENT, unfortunately it's community sucks and two of the classes are unbalanced. But as far as professions and character customization and such, it is unrivaled.

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Sweet, glad to see people are interested. 13 votes so far, and it seems that we'll be playing on the side of the Alliance. Hmmm, too bad, Orcs, Trolls and Tauren are pretty cool, not to mention Orcs and Tauren being the races of choice for a "tank" player like me. Guess a human will have to do, no way I'm being a dwarf.


What shall we call ourselves?

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Good luck with the venture. I may make a nightelf rogue to be in the group though but will probably stick with the Undead as my main.

Only 1 soul? Don't you normally have 2 accounts going on these games. :P



I may play if I get into beta and can try the game out....and only if the monthly fee's are not dumb.

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