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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly


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After we were packed up, several of us ( Fish, HPD, Mini, m0m, and myself) went to the Winking Lizard and spent some time discussing the event over one last beer together.


I really need to get to sleep, so I'm basically going to just list some of the things that came up in our discussion and then you can also discuss.


We want your feedback. Please keep things constructive, and try to avoid a one-sided list for either way (give us both the positive and the negative). Let's do this while it's fresh on our minds.


Our discussion (in no order other than what i scratched on the paper):


Positives compared to past FF events

-Hospitality room ended up right beside us

-Physical space



-No bugs

-Air conditioning

-No electrical problems

-Holdem Tourney

-Bar close

-Location! Easy to find!


Negatives compared to past FF events

-Less social opportunities

-CS:S tourney, only one option, what route do we go?

-Food expense

-Not enough other games during the tourney

-Individual space at tables (for any that had full tables)

-Uh oh, we're around the public now!


Brainstorm for immediate changes for 2006:


We want to hit 100 people next year. How will we do that? We talked about the retention of past attendees and the great number of 1st time attendees. Many of those that don't return do so because of life circumstances, not because they were unsatisfied.


What will be different?


-Most notably, set up will be Thursday night, allowing registration at 10 AM on Friday. People will begin gaming right away, any issues would be addressed the night before people arrive. This will give many perhaps 12 more hours to game.


-We will have only 12 people in the same space that we mapped 16 people. We'll add two more sets of tables and have a maximum of 108 players in the main room.


-CS tourney will revert in format. To address several issues in one, we will chose to take a route away from the competitve tourney and go back to the cash tourney done in a random draw format ($10 to play, teams randomly drawn). This does many positive things, including mixing people up to create some new bonds. We have a choice between pursuing the "competitive" lan or pursuing the "family reunion" feel that we've had. We choose the latter. Rather than having people attend to win, people will do as we always have: attend to have fun! Organized teams like M1 will have to decide if they want attend an event where they would be split up in a random draw tourney.


-The tournament will also happen with many more servers running simultaneously, so that it doesn't stretch out as long.


-Events like darts, etc, WILL be scheduled and happen in the hospitality room. The size of that room will depend on the reservations that are made.


-A return visit to the swimming hole that we were stormed out of in 2003! The "field trip" idea was enjoyed by many.


-Holdem event will remain in the same format. It was a complete success.


-Specific people will be put in charge of specific events. I will need to find directors for any tournaments we have. These people will foster the build up of the tourney and see it through completely at the event. Upon registration, we will create a chart on the webpage that includes the games they hope to play at the event. There will be at least 2 different genres of CS tourney next year.


-Prizes will have more meat and potatos. Everyone will get a sack of misc items when they arrive, and we'll have better prizes like a computer system, video cards, motherboards, memory, DVD players, etc....even if we have to purchase them ourselves. :D




Our goal is not necessarily to outgrow ourselves. Our goal is to increase the QUALITY of the experience. However, when we reach 100 or more players, there's more people to play the games that you're looking to play. If we stick with that hotel, my goal within 3 years would be to rent out all 6 ballrooms ( we had 1-3 as our main, and 4 as our hospitality room..5 and 6 we did not use) with about 125 to 150 gamers. I can only rent out more ballrooms with increased registrations. The numbers drive the walls down, it's that simple.


That said, if we come back with 80 gamers again next year and we make few major and several minor tweeks, we'll be all set!





Thanks again to everyone who played a part in this event, and of course thanks to all of you who attended. I look forward to hearing your feedback, both positive and contstructive. If there's anything that you want me to know and you don't feel the public forum is a good place, feel free to send me a PM to get it off your chest.

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I thought it was pretty awesome, especially the close bar part, lol.


I do think that the earlier check in and start time would provide more time for extra events and allow for problems like Friday night.


I think that the Holiday Inn where we were has the potential to be as small or large as we want it to.


There were alot of things that we never took advantage of as well, like the pool, and the tennis courts. I had fun golfing the day before, it might be fun to get that out there alot sooner and have more people come in a day early for that. Then while things are being set up, tennis and stuff like that can be played also. People may do more if it isnt cutting into game time.


So maybe make Thursday the official first day of Fragfest, but with no fragging until Friday?


Either way, it was my first one and I had a blast meetng everyone and I look forward to next year.


Thanks again for all the hard work, now I gotta come and work on your porch soon, lol.

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Coming from Mouse1 I can say that the team had an awesome time. We finally got to meet each other after a long time playing together with each other and what not. I was asked by Fatty at the tourny about what I thought about the tourny and what he thinks is positive and negative. I think though there is several ways to look at it. Personally I think the decision he made was for the best in this case. If there was to be more organization and a larger tournament with teams showing up for just that reason it would almost kill the friendship atmosphere that I had felt while there. Going to that LAN I expected something completely different. It wasn't an ordinarly LAN, it was a large group of friends playing games together. I think that the direction you're going in is good, the friendship part of the lan made it worth the travel I think. Although our MAIN reason as a team for going there was to compete I personally got a lot more out of it than a 80 bucks. I will definatly try to go next year just to have a fun time like that again. Most LAN's you go to to compete all you do is worry about the tournament and stress and do whatever. It was too laid back to be stressed yet it showed us what we can do better as a team. Overall I was a lot more pleased with the trip than I thought I was going to be, and I can probably thank you for that Fatty. Thanks for the awesome time.



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Everything was perfect this year!


Yeah I agree with you on the random tourny, that was so much fun in 04. We should revert to that again.


Love the location! I also think we should extend the gaming onto Thursday. Seems too short of a weekend. TP's was a great idea had a blast at that too. (Even though we got owned by fatty and mini in pool :( ) We should also include more games besides CS all weekend. I was looking forward to play UT2k4 with some of the guys but that never happend.


Overall this was a fun year!

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I think it all went great. I would have liked to seen more games played like: UT2k4 and maybe some battlefield 2, Yes maybe some more gaming time would be cool, and a little more elbow room if possible. Other than that I thought it was a great time. Will be looking forward to next year!! :boing::luxhello:

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My hat's off to everyone. What a GREAT year! Reading over your thoughts I see alot of potential for the coming year. The major difference I'm noticing now than before is the variation of gamers we have. The LAN we did out in the barn was almost solely CS. There wasn't much else anyone else was playing, but now we have gamers that span from CS to SWG. We have a very diverse community, but we came to play together. I think it would be very helpfull if we started the day early. Also someone who can devote themselves to organizing the tournaments would be helpfull as well. Hell I'll even offer myself for the job if you would have me on. It seams that FF has a very friendly policy about wives and husbands working together ;) Anyways...


:luxhello::luxhello::luxhello: GIVE YOURSELVES A HAND! :luxhello::luxhello::luxhello:

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The AC was a huge plus hehe, and despite the few random drunk people wandering I think the hotel for a location went well. I do think we should try to orgnize more games next time...though there were a lot of us playing BF 2 wich is freaken awsome. Must go buy it now....

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Even with the drunk bar skags and the children running through the halls, not looking where they were going and plowing into me ( and thwacking my various bits n' baubles!) without appologizing, the hotel was a much better setting for all the reasons Fatty has already listed. I think that next time it will be easier to organize other activities since now we know what to expect. I'd love to start a day earlier, as well. :wiggle2:

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w00t w00t!


had a GREAT time at my first FF experience


meeting so many interesting ppl that i already felt i knew


i had been to many LANs before, but none were near as cool as fragfest


cant wait for next year, had a blast!!!!



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My thought is to keep it 'as is' but work on lowering the costs and the related headaches.


I'd like to see some hotels competing for our business. The Courtyard @ Chapel Hill would be a great location, maybe we can start negotiating for next year's event.


I'd also like to have an arrangement w/ CompUSA or another mom&pop computer house. If we need something or something blows up I'd like to give a CC# and have them deliver whatever we need.


Food: Hotel food is too $$.

- $5 boxed lunch from a local grocery store or vendor?

- Have HPD work his magic w/ more restaraunts for dinner?

- Have that Steak&Hoagie vendor from Rockin' on the River park his trailer outside for us?

- Have one of us bring a grill and go nuts? Tailgate from the trailer?


Get the beer coolers more organized. Maybe we could have 3 large community coolers full of beer and just have people donate to the beer fund instead of each person lugging around their own cooler... saves space.


Oh yeah, better security for the poker chips. :D


Just some thoughts...fire away.

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Clueless .gc Posted Today, 10:52 AM

  QUOTE(Mustard's CoffeeMaker @ Jul 25 2005, 11:26 AM)

Even with the drunk bar skags







I resemble that remark, .....I think I am offended now 


Not you, you :freak: . I think you missed her. I still luv you for buying all my drinks, though, I wasn't nearly as drunk as I wanted to be. :Disappointed_anim:

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Sounds like you guys had a blast. I can't wait for next year! This time, I'll be able to request leave WAY in advance, and will finally be able to meet you fine fellows.


I like the idea of shopping around - almost like putting up FF for a contract bid. If you can get someone with some sales skills to "sell" FF, and especially, the amount of money it brings and the people who attend, you might be able to get some good options.


The hotel(s) might have an issue with grilling in the parking lot...sorry Dook!


Good after action comments though. Wish I was there...

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My only regret was the obvious lack of team EH? What say you guy's?

Plan now for an absoulte fantastic time next year! I had a lot of fun meeting

a bunch of the people I play with. I KNOW you guy's wanted to be there.

We can all go in together rent a van & have a blast. If you guy's are

interested let me now & your team captain will step up & put everything

together. Besides, I need you guy's to stop Kilzugud from getting me

to where the XX tag! LOL! Seriously I really like the random team idea.

Put's more focus on the fun & less on the compition. Reality? There are

plenty of competitive LAN's out there. There's only one Fragfest.

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I can only compare with my FF05 experiences with those of FF04, so here I go.


-Air conditioning was great.


-We had more space this year for our pc's, at least I did.


-Distance from my pc to hotel bed was awsome.


Now some negatives.


-This year didn't have the feeling of "home" like last year did, because we were sharing our space with other hotel guests.


-The lack of outdoor games.


-Prices of food were high.

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FF was a blast. Had a great time, met some great people. Next year we need to get people not to sally out at like midnight.. *COUGH* BLACK ICE *COUGH*





i went to bet at 2:30 am i thank you...and only because we had to be out of the hotel by 11:00.... I don't wanna hear it boi ! :peace:

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I really like the fact that it was in a hotel. Plus the hotel was really close to a mall. I cant wait for next year because I had a lot of fun. I dont think that I have ever laughed as hard as I did when the ladies and clueless were sitting in the bar. :wiggle2::wiggle2: It was nice to get to know everyone that I have played with at one point or another. :twitch::twitch:


Thanks to all that put in all of the hard work to make this happen. I really had a lot of fun getting everyone signed in with Amy. Even after we were told that we had to put the wrist bands on the boys because they could not do it by themselves.

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First LAN experience <---




Met people with whom I game.

Met people like me (biggggggg plus).

Won money.

People were nice enough to lend free food and beverage (sustinance not booze), cause I was broke as a snapped twig.

AC was awesome.

No bugs and no outdoors meant no allergies (have bad ones).




Space between comps were a bit crowded.

Broke so I was constantly hungry.

Seemed like one day was all we had.

Skill between teams in CS tourney was an issue. (not a big deal for fun tourney...bigger deal for cash tourney)




-Possibly schedual FFO'06 around a non-family holliday. (saves from taking time off work, but makes last minute service calls difficult)

-Possibly working an insentive for first time attendies to pay less money to go (50-70 bucks is spensive).

-I agree whole heartedly with having the hotels bid for FF. Rooms were like 90 bucks a night!!! I'm use to rooms for 50 bones...not 90!!


my 2 cents

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GC Founder

Some thoughts based on some of the things I've read:


-I think every one of Brillow's "Cons" were addressed in the original post (besides his own budget), which is a good thing.


-Price CANNOT go down. Paying for 24 hour access to 3 ballrooms and a hospitality room is what drives the price.


-Knowing that we have the electric under control makes that a driving force. I bought 3 of the 220 conversion boxes. The space was right, and we can even go with 108 people and have more elbow space in the main room. Looking at new hotels is an option, but they would need the same electrical set up.


-Also, there would be no gaming on Thursday. Set up on Thursday evening would only be a luxury. Renting out the ballrooms for another day would drive prices up even more. If we could get in there and set up the night before at no additional cost, we would do that.


-More bookings of hotel rooms also gives me flexibility, but we missed our first cutoff for a price break on the event by 4 room nights. 65 or more is the first break, and then 80+ is the next. Obviously I can't base the budget on this because I can't be sure we'd make this.


-The idea of boxed meals being delivered is a good one and we should definitely pursue that for the sake of individual food budgets.


Keep the feedback coming. Thanks for your time!


PS. As far as me answering emails and getting the pictures up, I haven't even plugged my computer back in. This is my "vacation" time as far as online things go, so bear with me.

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Tournaments: CS:S maybe have 2v2 or 3v3 pistols .. The random drawling for cash tourny 5v5 is a great Idea.

Running more servers so more matches can go on, again Great Idea.

IF some how on friday teams are picked for the tourny and know what maps are to be played, so we can get strats down and have scrims.


BF2 tourny would be great as well. If there is enough drive for the game to have a tourny. I just need to learn that game.


Just my thoughts?

Any thoughts on that?



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