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Buy Plugin/Server Update Notes


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I know I haven't tried it yet so I don't know if this is a real problem or not, but what counts as one of these hordes being "defeated," I ask because it says only 1 at a time. Could the survivors just leave one alive and the infected not be able to spawn in another one? Or is it when a majority of them die like maybe 75%?

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-Changed how the handling of points are awarded.  No visible change will be seen on the server.  Doing so shrunk the file size by like... 11 KB.

-Uncommon Hordes can now only be purchased one at a time.  In order to purchase a new uncommon horde, Infected players will need to wait for the current uncommon horde to finish spawning

-Smoker now earns more points per damage dealt

-Jockey now earns more points per damage dealt

-Replaced end of round award "Overachiever" and replaced it with total amount of points earned that round by both teams

-When a Fake Infection message gets purchased, the victim will now turn red to mimic them being black and white.  The player won't actually be black and white though.  If they get incapped, their color will be reset.


If you encounter any bugs as this change went untested (except for how points are handled and I didn't notice anything wrong), please let me know so I can fix them quickly.


Kind of fun fact:

Uncommon hordes have already been purchased 665 times across both servers (it should actually be higher than that due to a goof on my part, which has been fixed).

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GC Server Admin

Cool down timer would be good - I would say 30 secs - it's a bit OP when there's constant wave of non-stop Riot hordes.


With the infected upgrade - (smoker definitely need one, but not the jockey) - will survivors get anything to counterbalance - such as SI could drop pipe-bombs instead of presents?

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-Added a Group Horde option (item will also show a description in the buy menu before you select it).  Purchasing this will spawn 9 of each Hazmat, Riot, and Mudmen uncommon infected.  Cost is the same as buying a regular uncommon horde.

-Fixed a bug in buying the fake infection message where if it cannot find a player to "infect" it will "infect" the server instead, thus doing absolutely nothing at the cost of 3 points.  Instead it will notify you and not charge you anything.

-Separated the fake infection message for Survivor and Infected teams.  If a player is fake infected, the Infected team will be notified that it's a fake.

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-Disabled Spitters at the start of c6m3.  They will be re-enabled once the finale starts (after the elevator descends, triggering the finale)

-Fully prevented bots from earning points ever

-Allowed "Disable Death Check" to be purchased when dead

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